Trics offers preschool-aged classes as an introduction to gymnastics that teach a range of developmental skills. Our classes are structured to promote age-appropriate progressions, build strength, flexibility, and social skills in a fun, safe environment.

All preschool classes are 45 minutes and class sizes will be limited to 6. This is to provide a more individualized learning experience for each athlete, while still providing a time for socialization and development.

Caterpillars (2-3 years)

Parent Participation is Required.

Have fun with your child while learning basic gymnastics skills, motor development and coordination. We will work on body shapes, hanging and swinging, jumping, climbing, and rolling. You will also see the beginning stages of socialization start to develop with the other children. This class is 45 minutes long.

Butterflies (3 years and potty trained)

Child must be potty trained – This class will be without parent participation

This class is for a child who is 3 and ready for some independence. They will be introduced to basic gymnastics skills, verbal cues, and body movement. We will focus on social skills such as; listening, following directions, and sharing. Your child will be introduced to cartwheels, basic walking on balance beam, swinging and supporting on bars, and basic jumping on the trampoline. This class is 45 minutes long.

Grasshoppers (4 years)

This class will be without parent participation

This class will give your child the opportunity to learn cartwheels, handstands, and more strength-related skills. At this age, you will start to see more body awareness as well as strength and coordination development. This class is 45 minutes long.

Additional Information

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